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elliot null


Strength rises from the voice of the heart.


Rina Locke lives a blessed life. She has a loving family, close friends and strong religious foundation. But when tragedy strikes unexpectedly, her entire world turns upside down. She begins to question everything, including her family and her faith. That leads her to meet an extraordinary man, who challenges her to listen to her own heart. His name is Elliot Null.

From her simple life, Rina discovers a world beyond her imagination. It is one full of light, color and beauty. But it goes against everything she's been led to believe in her childhood. Elliot teaches her that doubt is not something to be feared. When she takes a big risk, she finds out how strong she really is.

ELLIOT NULL is a fantastical story about youth and discovery. Sometimes it takes a doubt for someone to find out who they truly are. The voice of the heart should never be ignored.

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the girl who couldn't cry


a timeless story of love, pain and the secrets that tear relationships apart.


Andrea was looking for love. But when the man of her dreams didn't reciprocate her feelings, she had to find another way to share her spirit with another. That was when she met Jon. What began as a promising relationship changed as she learned the new light of her life had some secrets of his own. Was there hope for their future, or was their young love doomed to fail?

A timeless story of love, pain and the secrets kept that tear relationships apart, THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T CRY is a modern tragedy, forged from the mystery of the internal life. Inspired by true events, THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T CRY explores the raw power of the heart and finding one's path in life. For Andrea, only one question burdens her mind: can love conquer their challenges, or will the secrets consume them?

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the autumn is darkening


the fragility of life is equaled by strength, love and beauty.


The Autumn Is Darkening is a collection of short stories, poems and vignettes that explore the mystery of the world before our eyes and the haunting enchantment of life, death and beyond. Like the autumn itself, the fragility of life is equaled by strength, love and beauty. 

Leaves wither and fall, to be reborn. The sun yields the darkness, only to dawn again. Life has its end, but not until it is lived.

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As We watch our cities burn


they will not rest until they win, or die trying.


In the not too distant future, freedom is dictated by The Law. Everyone submits to it. But some are targets, ordinary citizens that have been marked. When the Covenant identifies them, their only fate is Silence.

There is only one free city left. Now that they have adopted The Law, Silencers descend upon them. But there are those who fight back. A mysterious freedom fighter is not about to give in to this tyranny. With the help of a young woman, she seeks to protect those who have been targeted. Her name is Sable, but everyone knows her as Silvia.

As We Watch Our Cities Burn is a thrilling story set in a dystopic future, where freedom is selective and good people are silent. But some are willing to stand up. They will not rest until they win, or die trying.

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