the pyromachia







In the marshes of the east, there dwell the Qarkilcha, a proud race of beasts who have maintained relative peace with the humans in the west. But in their hearts, they yearn to reclaim the lands that were once theirs. When a headstrong rebel stages a coup against their beneficent leader, he sows the seeds of an invasion. The humans are a divided people, where even a common enemy cannot cultivate unity. Cities fall, the legions crumble, and the Qarkilcha make their glorious march to victory.

Only one city stands in their path: Pelladis, the greatest stronghold in the known world. Yet within the thick outer wall brews a conflict between two leaders: a pragmatic general and a mysterious knight without a name. As the drums of war draw near, the general seeks to discover the secret behind the knight and whether he will betray them when the fight reaches their threshold. Hope is fading and the reality of destruction is upon them. Who will deliver the people when the clouds of doom are overhead? Or is the fall of mankind all but assured?

The first part of THE PYROMACHIA saga, STRONGHOLD blends history and fantasy in a grandiose story of war, betrayal, loss and redemption. Beneath the great wall of Pelladis, the course of history shall be written with fire, steel and blood.

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The Warrior and the madman




The epic PYROMACHIA saga continues with THE WARRIOR AND THE MADMAN, a blend of fantasy and history following the Nameless Knight as he faces a fierce political storm that threatens to drive the cities of men to civil war.

After he is exiled for his city-saving crime, the knight finds himself at the mercy of a headstrong prefect, who believes the only way to rebuild their lands is by resurrecting a monarchy. As he fights for his freedom, and survival, he meets a mysterious stranger, who believes the Nameless is meant for a greater purpose. Now he is faced with his own destiny as the storms of a new conflict begin to mass in the north, forcing him to choose between fighting for himself and fighting to save humanity.

In a world where enemies becomes allies, and allies become enemies, one man will change the course of history forever. Who will it be: a hero or a madman?

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The firewalkers




Victory was not supposed to end in tragedy, but nothing is without consequences. After his glorious victory over the Cyclopes, the Nameless Knight learns the horrible cost of his deeds. He has unleashed the most powerful enemy yet: the Firewalkers. Armed with mythical power, their strength is unmatched and their army is unstoppable. Led by the devious Madman, they have returned with a single goal: the extermination of the human race.

Even in the face of desperation, the knight is undeterred. When all hope is lost, he will not back down. Still, he cannot fight alone. With the help of Makta, the Qarkilchan warrior of virtue, Shimka, the just chieftain, and Hespion, general of the legions, they are about to make their final stand for survival against the immortal horde.

THE PYROMACHIA saga continues with THE FIREWALKERS, wherein legends collide. The war for existence has begun, and the storm clouds are massing. Who will stand victorious as the ashes fall: the armies of vengeance or the warriors of hope?

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the five storms




THE PYROMACHIA tetralogy comes to an epic conclusion with THE FIVE STORMS. After the long-awaited rains have doused the fires of war, a new darkness has fallen upon the hearts of men and Qarkilcha alike. Now the people of Syphiron are faced with their most indomitable enemy yet: the gods themselves. When the end of all things is on the horizon, no one is safe from the oncoming storm.

In the face of certain doom, the Nameless Knight will not give up without a fight. Challenged with an improbable quest, Onomos ventures into the world of the Amazons in search of the one item that could save them all. But the threat of war remains as the Amazons seek to further their own interests and the Qarkilcha inch closer to their own civil war. Time is running short and the fate of all life rests on the shoulders of a lone man.

The countdown has begun. The storm clouds are massing. Only a hero can change the destiny of the world.

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