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Indigo. It is the color of life's mystery and beauty, of compassion and integrity. It is in Indigo that secrets to a challenging and introspective world are revealed. Will you see through the eyes on an Indigo soul?

VOLUME INDIGO will take you on a journey into the parables of life, love and gender. Featuring "Favorite Son," "Two People On A Ferris Wheel," "A Girl Like That" and "The Family Dinner," enter the imagination of Danielle Kaessner and hear the voice of her soul.

Favorite Son: Brian is living a good life. He has a steady job and a loving girlfriend, who is pregnant with their child. But when he learns that two of his brothers have been arrested, Brian is drawn back into the drama of his estranged family. As he follows the clues in a web of secrecy, he begins to ask if his brothers really are who he thought they were.

Two People On A Ferris Wheel: Kevin was looking to get his love life back on track. That was when he met Gwen, a green-eyed beauty with a vibrant personality. But what was supposed to be a simple first date becomes an introspective and challenging night for both of them.

A Girl Like That: Josh needs some relationship advice. In his quest to find the girl of his dreams, he met Nadia, whom he discovered was trans. While they seemed like kindred spirits, he could not get over that one aspect of who she is. But no matter how many women he meets, his thoughts always come back to Nadia.

The Family Dinner: On a cold winter night, a loving family gathers around the table for supper. The talk of the evening focuses on 20-year-old Nate, who brought a curious girl, Kandra, home to meet his family. As his siblings and parents try to figure out her secret, she reveals it. From that moment on, the close and caring family will never be the same again.

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Crimson. It is the color of danger and secrecy, the hidden elements behind a twisted plot. Like the coursing flow of blood through your veins, Crimson challenges your heart and tempts your mind. Every dark turn entices you on the Crimson path.

VOLUME CRIMSON will guide you on a chilling adventure into a world of crime, sadness and terror. Featuring "The Final Curtain", "Manifest" and "The Temple", uncover the twists of Danielle Kaessner's notorious tales that will leave you breathless.

The Final Curtain: John Roscoe was once a great detective. But now he is nothing more than a private eye, following the trails of cheating spouses. When the grisly suicide case of a young showgirl is closed by the police, the victim's sister needs closure, believing she was actually murdered. Suddenly, Roscoe finds himself on a mysterious case that has a much darker reality beneath than he was prepared to find.

Manifest: They just wanted an afternoon out at the movies. But when Mark and Marion's son is abducted in broad daylight, the hunt is on to find him before it's too late. A noble officer and an obsessed detective will not rest until they find the man responsible, a man who has made his mark and slipped away before.

The Temple: Norm thought one extra night in Vegas wouldn't hurt. But when he returned home, he came face to face with an unspeakable tragedy. As he indulges his sorrows, he finds there's no way to fight the guilt in his heart. Yet his psychiatrist offers a mysterious suggestion. What if he could change the past? What begins as an impossible suggestion becomes a very real path to undoing his most grievous mistake.

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Amber. It is the color of deception and uncertainty, the slight of hand that shades one's eyes from the truth. Trapped beneath Amber's hardened shell is a secret, one that longs to emerge from its slumber. Do not fall for the Amber traps, for they are indeed perilous.

VOLUME AMBER explores a world where nothing is what it seems, but the truth is bound to shine forth from the obscurity. Featuring "For The Taking", "Silver Trees" and "Satisfaction For A Price", prepare yourself for the enveloping mysteries of those dark realities that linger below the surface.

For The Taking: Time is running out. The police have their suspect. But in order to find the girl, they have to get inside the mind of a kidnapper. As the detectives race against the clock to locate a missing heiress, they must fist decipher the man behind the crime, who seems all too calm in the face of certain judgment.

Silver Trees: It was only by accident that Sam met Sarah. From their unusual meeting blossomed a real relationship with a future. But Sam has a secret, one he can only allude to with the title of his poem, "Silver Trees." As Sarah tries to understand her new boyfriend, she comes to find that he has a dark past and even darker intentions for his future.

Satisfaction For A Price: What happens when all of the evidence points to one person, but they have no memory of the crime? When a detective begins seeing patterns in random murders, he begins to wonder if they are indeed random. One day, his theory is put to the test when a wealthy businessman is found dead, leading them to a mysterious company with nefarious purposes.

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Goldenrod. It is the color of hope and redemption, the path from darkness to a better future. Like the flowers' bloom in spring, Goldenrod must first awaken from a winter's chill. A torn and broken heart longs for the soft return of Goldenrod's blossom.

VOLUME GOLDENROD will lead you through the drama of family and loss into a future bright with hope. Featuring "Second Chance", "Man On The Ground" and "The Immortal", experience the powerful resonance of love and the healing of the deepest emotional wounds.

Second Chance: Owen is a recovering alcoholic. Fifteen years ago, his addiction cost him his family. But now, when his ex-wife needs his help, he has an opportunity to win back the children he abandoned. His challenge is a daunting one, but with love on his side, he knows failure is not an option.

Man On The Ground: When a professor disappears, an FBI agent uncovers some mysterious secrets about the man. An outspoken activist, the professor focused a great deal of attention on human rights in Africa. When he ends up dead, the investigation leads to one man who knows the truth.

The Immortal: Lisa's life is spinning out of control. She is almost broke, she is worked like a slave and every moment of her life seems more miserable than the last. She believes in her heart there is only one way out. But just when she reaches her darkest moment, she meets David, who is nothing short of her saving grace.

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Mint. It is the color of curiosity and joy, a frivolous respite from weighty burdens. There is a spicy playfulness in Mint, a cool rush from a gentle flavor. In life, there are many challenges, but Mint reminds us all that there is still humor and heart to be found.

VOLUME MINT blends comedy and heartfelt situations through stories of love, exploration and imagination. Featuring "Somebody's Angel", "The American Life...By Jon Casper", "It's On" and "The Deli", find the laughter in your soul and the peace of mind it brings.

Somebody's Angel: Robert wasn't the cool kid in high school. In fact, his teenage years were miserable. But when a mysterious new girl shows up at school, she convinces him that he can be a better man. While he doesn't believe her, she has a secret up her sleeve that just might convince him otherwise.

The American Life...By Jon Casper: He has written the most popular book in America. Everyone has read it. The problem? No one knows who wrote it. As Jon tries to promote the man behind the book, he comes to learn that the simple satire he created might be a bigger monster than he thought.

It's On: Christine is struggling. Her husband came out as trans*, and now she fears their loving marriage is at risk. But she's not going to give up. She is not going to let their challenges tear them apart. So, she comes up with a plan, unaware just how humorously tragic it will be.

The Deli: Customers come and go, ordering the finest meats and cheeses the deli can offer. But behind the counter is a man who's more than a deli clerk. He is a storyteller. As he serves the patrons, he unfolds a delightful yarn for all to enjoy.

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Teal. It is the color of determination and the many challenges that life presents. Teal is a cold reminder of the past, while not forsaking the promise of a brighter future. Tragedy and trial are a part of life, but Teal reminds us all that change is not out of reach.

VOLUME TEAL descends into the depths of memory, when the time comes to stand against the tearful past. Featuring "Shooting Stars", "Old Friends" and "The Distance From Me", discover the strength within to take the next hallowed step toward the future.

Shooting Stars: When his insurance runs out for his daughter, Irving is forced to take her away from a psychiatric hospital to try to find a life in the world. For her 25th birthday, she requests that the two of them go to their cabin at the lake. What he doesn't know is that their adventure will become one of discovery. Secrets will be shared, lies will be revealed and their relationship will never be the same again.

Old Friends: William and Ted were inseparable as kids. But after one moment of passion, they never saw each other again. Now, as an old man, William longs to see his dear friend, the only man he ever truly loved. But he doesn't realize that his old friend has his own reasons to seek him out.

The Distance From Me: After tragedy strikes his family, Danny has no choice but to move on from his past. When he finally finds comfort in his life of dreary memories, his ex-wife returns to his life. Now, he finds himself torn between the new life he has carved out for himself and the only link he has left to what he's lost.

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Lilac. It is the color of the untamable wild and endurance of the free. Those with the strength of Lilac know that the horizon is not simply a distant dream. It is a journey, unpredictable and rife with mystery. Lilac is fearlessness, and the undying will to venture into the unknown. 

VOLUME LILAC explores the dauntless vitality of the courageous heart, with inspiring tales of self-discovery and empowerment. Featuring "Lost Angel", "All-Night Dancers", "A Constant Horizon" and "Through A Snowfall", discover the power within to face the world with confidence and the insatiable hunger for freedom. 

Lost Angel: Mona is a woman torn between her faith and her duty as a civil servant. Yet when she is challenged to put her faith to the test, she decides to make a life-changing decision. With the help of a brash construction worker, she comes to find whether she has the strength within herself to make a lasting mark in the world. 

All-Night Dancers: They are the secret-keepers. They are the daredevils of fashion. They are the all-night dancers. They are the silent courageous, who risk everything for a single moment of bliss. And they are waiting...always waiting. 

A Constant Horizon: A young woman reflects on the beauty of a foreign land, gazing out upon the distant ocean horizon. The world is full of life and mystery, but there is always a place of peace. She knows her life has brought her here for a reason, and she will not waste a moment on sorrow. 

Through A Snowfall: After an abrupt end to her relationship, Louise finds herself alone on a journey across the country. But when she encounters a record snowstorm, she is forced to stop for the night. Accompanied by a stranded hitchhiker, she struggles to move on from the perfect life she left behind. Will she let the past weigh her down, or look toward the future and a freedom she has never known?

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Coming Winter 2019.

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