Rina Locke is a happy girl, with a loving family and close friends. But her world changes drastically. When she loses someone so dear to her, she begins to question everything she has believed in her life.

That's when she meets Elliot, a mysterious stranger with an incredible talent. As she opens up to Elliot, she comes to find the potential in herself to become something greater. But it also forces her to challenge those who have been with her every step of the way.

ELLIOT NULL is a touching coming-of-age story, where not everything is what it seems and the only limitation is doubting your own heart.


In the not too distant future, there is The Law. Those who are deemed unworthy in the eyes of The Law are Silenced and never seen again. Slowly, even good people don't have the will to speak up against corruption, lest they find themselves facing Silence.

But not everyone is afraid of this new world order. One woman above all will fight the good fight, challenging the Silencers every step of the way and saving lives from certain death. Her name is Sable, but everyone knows her as Silvia. With the help of a young trans woman she saved, she is pushing forward in the last free city. 

The tension is high. Justice cannot be ignored forever. Not even Silence will be enough of a threat to keep good people from doing nothing. AS WE WATCH OUR CITIES BURN, so too do we see heroes rise through the flames.


THE PYROMACHIA comes to an epic conclusion in this heart-pounding adventure, THE FIVE STORMS. The greatest foe the world has ever known is defeated, but a new force is about to arise that threatens to destroy all living things. But not even the gods can scare the Nameless Knight. As he embarks on his quest, time is running out as the clouds of fear and the whispers of war descend upon the land.

Be sure to check out STRONGHOLDTHE WARRIOR AND THE MADMAN and THE FIREWALKERS first. Know how the story begins before discovering the shocking ending.


Mystery. Romance. Drama. Comedy. Short stories have the ability to express the varied and powerful timbres of human emotions in contained narratives. THE RAINBOW COLLECTION is a testament to the breadth of the imagination and the incredible stories that can be told.

Each book in THE RAINBOW COLLECTION has it's own unique voice, exploring the beauty and depth of the world through a fictional lens. Check out every volume, with the promise of more to come:


Andrea is looking for the man of her dreams. After an embarrassing experience in college, she begins to wonder if she is destined to be alone. That's when she meets Jon, a quiet and contemplative man. The two hit it off, and everything seems to be going well. But Jon suddenly changes, and she begins to wonder what dark secrets he might be hiding.

In this semi-autobiographical story, uncover a mystery that is as unexpected as it is challenging. THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T CRY is a dramatic tale of love and lies. How can we truly know anyone if they don't even know themselves?

Soul trader

The 10th Anniversary of SOUL TRADER, re-edited and revisited. Coming Fall 2019.

Danielle's Complete Collection